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The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery of the breast is a personal one, made for a variety of reasons. Some individuals are self-conscious of the size or shape of their breasts. Others want their clothes to fit better. Many seek to feel more confident about their body image.

Available Breast Procedures

Illinois Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery offers various breast procedures including:

We want to ensure that your cosmetic surgery experience is comfortable, informative and private. We also offer financing plans to help make this goal a reality for you. Animations showing the various cosmetic breast procedures are available under each procedure. However, your cosmetic surgeon can provide the most comprehensive explanation of risks, benefits and probable outcomes.

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To make your consultation with our physicians most effective, we encourage you to order a pre-consultation kit that will provide initial information about breast augmentation and other procedures. It will also allow you to try different breast sizes in the privacy of your own home. Schedule your consultation by calling (309) 495-0250, or contact us today to find out if breast augmentation or reduction is right for you.

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