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Dr. Glyn Jones is such a GREAT doctor!!! He has helped me with reconstructive surgery over the last couple of years due to 3rd degree burns. He is an amazing surgeon plus he takes time to build relationships with every patient. I could not have found a better doctor!

Dr. Jones is awesome! He has a way of making you feel calm and safe. He is a wonderful surgeon with a bedside manner that is second to none!

(Dr. Jones) Best plastic surgeon in Peoria. Excellent bedside manner. He really cares about his patients. I had reconstructive surgery on my neck after 4 spinal fusions. Very happy with the results. Would highly recommend!

Dr. Rammos is an excellent surgeon. Dr. Rammos did breast reconstruction for me and he was very professional and gave excellent care. Thanks for putting up with all my questions and thanks for the laughs!

I had chest wall reconstruction done by Dr. Rammos. I prayed God would deliver me skilled hands and he did! Dr. Rammos’ skilled hands have saved me and will continue to save lives. God Bless you Dr Rammos!

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